Welcome to our first blog post, thanks for stopping by. We are JR and Aly Dakin. We have six children ranging in ages from 12 – 5 years old. We love the day in and day out life with a joyfully busy home. We have been married for 16 years.

A little over a year ago our family stepped out to pursue a long time dream, to add to our family in the raddest way, through adoption.  Its a crazy expensive process and the costs can be intimidating, so intimidating that we didn’t think it was possible.

As time passed we began to dream, how can we raise the support to make this happen? What if we connect to a community of like minded people and allow our story to impact others and they impact our story.

7000 names began as an idea, a dream, a vision that could span the duration of our adoption journey to meet our end goal, all funds raised. It is a representation of a community. A wonderful tribe of people that desire to step in to a story that will change the life of one child and our family forever. We see a people that value life, that value children, that value pregnancy and most importantly value alternative options for birth mom’s.

We don’t expect every person that visits 7000 names to have a large family or want one. Raising just ONE child is hard work and worthy of our best efforts. We thought we were crazy for adding number four, five and six. We are human to the core, asking ourselves can we do this? Yet, each time we have welcomed a new child into our family, its not the child that is changed, it is us. The children we have brought home, have been fresh, new to the world and ready to love and be loved from their first breath. We have always been transformed each and every time.

We can’t wait for our newest transformation. Thanks for being apart of it, for being apart of us. We hope to continue to share this journey as we carry on. Each and every name along with your $7 gift is what makes this vision a reality. Please take a moment and share. This amount is so reachable. Even a child can give $7.


with love,






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