Adopt a Love Story

In July of 2017 we had the honor of partnering with a crowdfunding organization called Adopt a Love Story. They had an amazing film crew come in and capture our family and then created a beautiful video that shared our hearts behind adoption.

We were eager to work with them and honored to get the privilege so early on in our adoption journey. We didn’t expect the next six months to drag on the way they did. Some of our circumstances were out of our control. We didn’t have a home with enough bedrooms according to our family size by state laws. We had to find a new place live. In Southern California that can be a difficult task. It took us over four months to find a rental home with enough bedrooms and within our price range.

In some ways, it could seem that our story was shared prematurely, a year has passed and we aren’t even to the waiting to be matched phase. We are almost finished with our home study but even that isn’t quite finished. Yet, this is our story however long or bumpy the process has been for us. We have shifted our entire life to move in the direction to adopt a baby through infant domestic adoption. We WANT to adopt a baby. We don’t NEED to. We have a beautiful family already but we also have something that is so unique… and that’s WILLING hearts. We have a “YES” that will impact our life and the precious life of a child forever.

Adopt a Love Story is an incredible organization that saw a huge need for adoptive families, to help them creatively raise support for the adoption costs. We love that we have been able to work with them. Here is a link to the video they provided for us. They also host a page for us as we journey to raise the funds to see this dream fulfilled. 7000 names is our creative way to do just that!

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